Acceptable Usage Policy

Our acceptable usage policy includes account usage and content and is in place to secure our network and clients against the abuse that may impact other sites or services hosted on our network.

We suggest you to completely read this acceptable usage policy to acknowledge what content is acceptable.

1. General prohibitions

1.1. Our website, network, systems should not be utilized for any of the following.

1.1.1. In any manner that violates any applicable national, local, or international regulation;

1.1.2. In any manner that is illegal or deceitful, or has any illegal or deceitful purpose;

1.1.3. To cause harm or attempt to harm others;

1.1.4. to intentionally transfer(send or receive), upload download, or utilize such material that does not follow or content standards as set in policy;

1.1.5. to transfer junk or unauthorized advertising or promoting such material or similar spam;

1.1.6. to intentionally transmit virus-infected data or send or upload such data. Time-bombs, worms, spyware, keystroke loggers, trojan horses, worms, spyware, adware or any other harmful programs or related computer code intended to negatively affect the operation of any computer software or hardware.

2. You agree

2.1. not to copy, reproduce, duplicate any part of our website or our services in provision to terms and conditions;

2.2. not to damage, interfere, with authority access or disrupt;

2.2.1. any part of our systems, website our networks;

2.2.2. any software utilized in providing services of our website;

2.2.3. any network or equipment on which you have access to as apart of our services or on which our site is stored;

2.2.4 any third party owned software, equipment or network;

3. Server resources and Network Usage

3.1. On accounts where the distribution of resources is done such as Window hosting, cPanel hosting and reseller hosting operate these operate under a fair usage policy.

3.1.1. Fair use us applicable where resources limited are not defined or listed as unlimited within the account.

3.1.2. Fair usage implies that any site utilizes as much resource as available until it doesn’t negatively affect the performance of the site hosted on the same server. 

3.1.3. It is our sole decision to discover whether a website is regarded to be utilizing resources and if a site is doing so then we will recommend a solution that may include: the choice to decrease the use by modifying your application upgrade to a VPS our dedicated server (non shared plan)

3.2. in case you opt not to take a remedial step then the website will be disabled that may affect clients.

3.3. We have the right to shut down or remove such scripts that pretend to be a security threat or regarded by us and at our sole decision to be negatively affecting server performance or network integrity.

4.Banned Content

4.1. The following is applicable to each content hosted on any of our services

4.2. Content must:

4.2.1. Where it asserts facts content must be accurate;

4.2.2. Where it states opinions content must be genuinely held

4.2.3. Follow the rules applicable in the UK and in any country where content can be uploaded or received

4.3.  The following content is explicitly prohibited

4.3.1. holds any material that damages the reputation of any individual;

4.3.2. holds any material that is offensive, obscene, hateful or inflammatory;

4.3.3. promotes the sexually explicit material;

4.3.4. promotes violence;

4.3.5. content that promotes any form of discrimination;

4.3.6. violates any other person’s trademark or infringe any copyright;

4.3.7. Likely to cheat any person;

4.3.8. be made in violation of any legal duty owed to a third party like a contractual duty;

4.3.9. unlawful activity promotion;

4.3.10. Sounds threatening in any manner;

4.3.11. cause harm, depress or harassing any other person

4.3.12. misrepresent your identity or imitate any person.

4.3.13. To create a fake impression that the content originated from us.

4.3.14. promote, advocate, assist any illegal activity.

4.3.15. content that consists of trojan, worms, virus or other malicious components;

4.3.16. contains pirate Softwares such as ROMS, phreaking, hacking, emulators, password cracking, IP spoofing and encrypting and also such sites that give practical information about such material;

4.3.17. Proxy software 

4.3.18. IRC Hosts

4.3.19. You should not use any BitTorrent software on our services because of its wide-scale abuse 

4.3.20. Any content that possesses the threat to create negative publicity 


5.1. You accept and acknowledge that transferring of junk mail or spamming is strictly banned and might result in termination or suspension of your account.

5.1.1. To prevent blacklisting of IP address and additional usage we have put restriction mail service limit as below: For Shared or Reseller Hosting, 300 outgoing mails sent per hour; For VPS Hosting 500 outgoing emails per hour; For Cloud Servers 3000 outgoing emails sent per hour on; For Dedicated Hosting 3600 outgoing emails sent per hour; 

5.2. malicious email must not be sent, trolling or mailbombing;

5.3. In case an individual or person breaks the clause then we will be forced to take action, removing mass email from our systems, deal with any user complaints, we have the right to impose you at our engineers hour rate for the time spent.

6.AUP Breaches

6.1. At our sole description, we will decide whether there is a violation of this acceptable usage policy through by your use of our site or our services. We may take action whatever we feel appropriate on violation of our policy.

6.2. Failure to follow with the acceptable use policy forms a material violation Terms of Services and may result in taking all or any of the following actions.

6.2.1. Without issuing you a notice we will remove infringing content from websites hosted by us.

6.2.2. temporary, permanent, immediate withdrawal of your right to use our site or services.

6.2.3. temporary, permanent, immediate removal of material that was uploaded by you on our site.

6.2.4. Will issue warning to you

6.2.5. We will reveal such information to law enforcement authorities.

6.3 The responsibilities listed in this policy are not limited and appropriate actions will be taken regarding violation of policy.

6.4. Where we get acknowledge of any issue associated with the content or the utilization of our services that could negatively affect our network or another client of ours, we have the right to instantly suspend or deactivate the services and your account. However, we will inform you prior to such action if it is taken.

6.5. We have the right to take down any copyright-infringing content when we receive any notice regarding it. 

7. Changes to the Acceptable Usage Policy

7.1. At any acceptable usage policy may be revised by amending this page. We suggest that you check page time to time to view any changes we do as they legally bound you. Some of the terms included in the acceptable usage policy may be replaced by notice or provisions published elsewhere on our site.